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Research & Publications

Short and long-term follow-up and clinical outcomes in patients with celiac disease in a large private practice setting

Authors: Akash Khurana, Daniel A. Leffler, Kayeromi Gomez & Chandrashekhar Thukral BMC Gastroenterology volume 23, Article number: 9 (2023) | Original Article Background Celiac disease (CD) is caused by an immune response to gluten and treatment is adherence to...read more

GI Conditions

Stress and Stomach Ulcers

Does stress cause stomach ulcers? The answer to that question is not really that cut and dry. When people develop ulcers, it’s common for them to assume they are caused by stress. While some ulcers can develop in ICU...read more

Practice News

Familiar Faces at RGA: Lindsay

A nurse practitioner at Rockford Gastroenterology Associates, Lindsay is passionate about helping her patients and making personal connections. She makes a point to communicate in terms they will understand and gets to know patients beyond their symptoms. In fact,...read more

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