Information for Patients and Visitors of Rockford Gastroenterology about Online Bill Pay Fraud:

      RGA is OPEN!


      We know these are scary times, full of uncertainty and concerns about COVID-19. As an organization that has cared for our community for 40 years, RGA has been working hard to make sure your safety remains our top priority. During the last several weeks, we have shifted nearly all our clinic visits to Telehealth so patients can get the care they need without leaving their homes. And during this time, we have only performed procedures that are considered urgent or emergent.

      However, there has been growing concern about patients delaying important medical care because of COVID-19 and not seeing their specialists when they have symptoms.

      We don’t want individuals to suffer with digestive issues or ignore symptoms that could indicate something more serious. We also know procedures such as an upper endoscopy or colonoscopy should not be delayed any longer than necessary so serious conditions can be diagnosed, and potential cancers can be prevented.

      To provide added peace of mind, here is our commitment to you:

      1. RGA is available to see you for symptoms or concerns regarding digestive health. We will work with you to make sure your appointment is scheduled via Telehealth and help you figure out the best way to connect with your RGA doctor or nurse practitioner.

      2. RGA will provide our patients masks when they enter our clinic. Patients may also wear their own masks or face coverings.

      3. We ask that drivers who accompany patients for procedures and appointments continue to remain in their cars until called by RGA staff.

      4. RGA staff will follow recommended guidelines on social distancing and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout your visit. RGA employees will be screened daily for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection as they enter the building, and we will do the same for patients and anyone coming into the facility.

      While no organization can completely reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure, RGA is committed to creating the safest environment for our patients. Please don’t delay your digestive health care. If you have any new or concerning symptoms, need to schedule a procedure, or would like to schedule a Telehealth visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at 815-397-7340 or visit