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      RGA Physician Has Passion for Helping People

      Dr. Benjamin Bick

      What happens when you love video games, science and helping people? You become a gastroenterologist, of course!

      That is, at least, how Dr. Benjamin L. Bick came to find his passion for the profession.

      "In high school, I was part of a research experience where I worked with someone interested in heart research," he recalled. "I knew then that I wanted to be a doctor. I also liked video games, so I was drawn to procedure-heavy fields."

      That included both cardiology and gastroenterology while he was a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago but was drawn to advanced endoscopy during his residency at Mayo Clinic.

      Dr. Bick then moved onto a fellowship at Indiana University (IU) School of Medicine, excited for the opportunity to train under some of the most renowned mentors in Gastroenterology. At IU, he completed his fellowship in gastroenterology and hepatology while serving as the Chief Fellow for the program. He followed that with an additional fellowship in Advanced Pancreatobiliary Endoscopy under the watch of one of the procedure's original founders, while earning a master's degree in clinical research.

      After his schooling and training, he worked as a physician at Indiana University, serving as director of the Pancreatic Duct Stone Program.

      Dr. Bick joined Rockford Gastroenterology Associates in August of 2022 because of its reputation for having high-caliber doctors.

      "I knew they provided great care and were a good group of people to work with," he said.

      Today, Dr. Bick specializes in pancreatic and biliary care, and continues research work in chronic pancreatitis. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed articles and wrote a chapter in a book focused on chronic pancreatitis. He received the Young Investigator Award from the American Pancreatic Association and is a member of both the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and the American College of Gastroenterology.

      He has a particular interest in managing pain and providing therapies for complex pancreatitis, including chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic necrosis. He is an active member of the medical staff at UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital and OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center.

      "It's important to me that patients feel like I'm listening and understanding their concerns," he said. "That's a cornerstone of compassionate care."

      Away from his medical practice, Dr. Bick enjoys spending time with his kids and trying ethnic food with his wife. He enjoys rooting on Chicago sports teams, soaking in Asian culture, and playing a range of instruments: piano, cello and guitar.

      Of course, there's that one hobby still hanging around from childhood for Dr. Bick. Even with the medical procedures he does all day long, he still likes to unwind with a video game.

      Once a gamer, always a gamer.