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      Landmark RGA Study Helps Improve Colonoscopies


      This year, Rockford Gastroenterology Associates celebrates the 15-year anniversary of the landmark article we published in the New England Journal of Medicine, regarded as one of the most respected medical journals in the world.

      The research we conducted demonstrated that if gastroenterologists took more time to look for precancerous polyps, they would find more polyps, and potentially prevent more colon cancer.

      While this may seem obvious now, at that time very little was known about the optimal time a colonoscopy should take to find the most polyps.

      RGA's article in the New England Journal helped establish standards adopted by gastroenterologists all over the world, and our article continues to be cited as newer recommendations emerge to improve colonoscopy even further.

      Research: One more way that RGA delivers Exceptional Care, Exceptional Caring.