Information for Patients and Visitors of Rockford Gastroenterology about Online Bill Pay Fraud:
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    There is an online bill pay website called While it appears to be affiliated with Rockford Gastroenterology, it is NOT. is a third-party website that allows people to pay bills via their site., however, charges customers extra fees, and payments made through are not delivered to the intended recipient right away. Rockford Gastroenterology cannot control when we receive payments made through

    What is Bill Pay Fraud?

    Medical bill pay fraud refers to a form of financial crime where scammers deceive individuals when it comes to paying their medical expenses. These criminals pretend to be representatives from genuine billing organizations and employ tactics like fake solicitations and fraudulent portals, such as, to trick unsuspecting victims into making payments to them.

    Another commonly used strategy is to send emails, text messages, or other types of communication requesting recipients to provide their credit card details, bank account numbers, or other personal information. In certain instances, criminals may go to the extent of impersonating doctors, pharmacists, or healthcare insurance providers, all with the intention of carrying out fraudulent activities.


    Such scams can lead to significant financial losses. Patients not only risk losing their hard-earned money but also valuable medical records and information about the treatments they have undergone. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution when receiving payment requests for medical bills and verify that they are originating from legitimate sources.

    Bill pay fraud is a common problem that can have serious negative effects. One of these effects is when your payment doesn't get recorded, even if you think you've sent it. This means the organization you owe money to doesn't receive the payment, and they may charge you late fees as a result. This adds more financial stress to an already difficult situation. In some cases, your account could even be closed or suspended because of this issue.

    It is important to take additional care when paying bills online and look out for any signs of fraud in order to protect your finances.

    How to Actually Pay Your Bill

    To steer clear of scams, it's important to stay alert when paying your medical bills online. Take the time to become familiar with the websites you use and make sure they are secure and trustworthy before sharing any personal information.

    Moreover, it's important to take additional steps to ensure your safety. Double-check the authenticity of emails and other communication channels, making sure they truly come from your healthcare provider or billing agency. Additionally, for added security, consider making payments for medical expenses directly through our official bill pay website. By adhering to these guidelines, you can protect yourself from falling prey to fraudulent schemes and effectively manage your medical bill payments.

    For more information about how to securely pay your bill, contact us at (815) 397-7340.